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My abstract collection deals with my memory, feelings, and experiences.

I often subconsciously recall mental images of certain places I have visited and scenes that have touched my soul for their intense beauty.

These visions require careful planning and are painted with emotional intensity.

It is a daily struggle to paint these visions with focus, spontaneity, clarity and simplicity.

The final image is always a mystery and surprise, as there is an element of chance. I never know what they will look like when complete.

I generally do not give elaborate descriptions of each piece, as I believe they must be experienced and felt and I prefer the viewer to interpret them as they choose.

Paintings, once created. have a life of their own separate from the maker.

Mother Goddess,the force
oil on canvas
24 x 36
Mangalore green
24'' x 36'' gallery wrap
36" x 36" gallery wrap